The Lion Oh My

by The Lion Oh My

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released December 8, 2012

The Lion Oh My is:
Chris Renz
David Arnold
Garret McQuesten
Sam Stoner
Andy Bartholomew

Produced and mixed by Jae Ham & Ken Mclarin at Noise Frog Studios in Spokane/Seattle WA

Mastered by Rick Fisher ar RFI Studios in Seattle WA

Copyright 2012 The Lion Oh My All Rights Reserved



all rights reserved


The Lion Oh My Spokane, Washington

Named after a Wizard of Oz reference, the band’s frenetic and dense arrangements have a frightening, often unsettling maturity to them. Recalling a more earnest and personal golden era of music from the early aughts, the group’s music is challenging and complicated in the most visceral yet bizarrely welcoming way.
The band’s humble beginnings suits its deceptively simple style.
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Track Name: Chariot

The sky just caved in and we fell to our knees
What of all the charity, sacrifice, and promise of good deeds
Don't lie just for me Don't pretend to beg or plead
We've had all the time in the world to beg for sympathy
Oh sweet little thing you must understand
That only the brave can face the truth
Swing low oh sweet chariot, burn them all down to grow them again
Track Name: Dogmo

We've been busy so we did not see the line and we've been trying
so hard to get it right overwhelmed by life overcome by...
Raise the sails Open war on your heart Overwhelmed by Overcome by
We've been watching how it is that you die We're sorry but no more
questions at this time we're overwhelmed by life overcome by...
We've got one chance one chance to get it right
Track Name: White City
White City

So no one move Up and here we go Share the view
Shame filled your heart it's hard to say hello
With the end in sight
It's been so long since I've heard your voice
Calling out my name, do you know
Cause and effect Up and down we go There's no need to fight
Lower your swords we are on the road to the city walls
Leave your things behind There is no time to take it all
Track Name: Seconds After
Seconds After

Out of road Out of signs Out of time Out of getting away
From the roses and the thornbeds and this attitude
And you say you don't have anywhere to run, well I do
We can ride We can ride right through
Out of friends Out of Lies Out of sighs
Out of getting away from these roses, thornbeds, and attitudes
If we play it right they'll be overwhelmed
We could have not been any closer than we are right now
Track Name: Green

Pastures green and rolling faster than I can take it all in in one night
Waves of grey are crashing overhead it carries me far away
Should I stick to these roads I know Keeping to the ones I never came for
Should you alter these waves of grey telling yourself there's no other way
Sleep in the light of day Rest comes no other way
Track Name: Mayday

How long does it take to clear our things
and is it hands we shake - Or guns we load...
Our pictures lie around like fish on the beach (Turn it off Turn it off)
I begin to love the sound of misunderstanding (Shut it off Shut it off)
The marching can be so loud I know
Please push forward in your search
Turn it off it cannot be repaired
Shut it off before I even know you're there
Track Name: Jump Ship
Jump Ship

By chance could I bargain one last breath
I am so afraid of letting go now I know how it feels
to want this back
I stood upon a worn out wooden plank where so many men
had chosen to take their own weight in gold to the
endless black
Hold on let me loosen up my straps so that I might live
to lie that I feared no one in the face of certain death
She wraps her hands around my neck so tight that I can
barely think to fight back against her endless might
She slowly crams her fists down my throat as if I meant
for this to be the last thing I would see
For as long as you can hold your breath and find yourself
a place to rest Surely someone has made plans to save this
innocent man
We should all be so lucky to be thrown among where riches
and gold have made their home in the stories of old
Track Name: Mr. Mon Santo
Mr. Mon Santo

A storm is rising so defend your home and guard against
invisible foes who penetrate the very walls you had built
to guard them all sleep at night to sleep away your discontent
and total dismay for what they have done
An act of futility and strain disguised in our amber waves of grain
Surely you see that the thief has won your trust
We should not pretend we'll be saved by dorment men
What will we do without you telling us when to live an die
Feel your own legs beneath you now that you stand on your own
Crossing our lines and nailing us down armies of millions that
don't make a sound some hold to hope that they will march on by
Track Name: Villalobos

Isn't it true you tried to deny your true blue self
Only to find on the other side was a mountain of your regrets
How to escape is beyond the work of mortal men
All of us crazy, blind and dumb thinking we had control
Could it be that we've come too far away
And we found the very thing that made us stay
Lift up your head to find a break in the sky wont you come right in
Sit yourself down and take a look around at the view that we see from here
Isn't it beautiful isn't it wonderful isn't it perfect from so far away
Isn't it breath taking isn't it life saving isbn't it perfect with nothing
in the way